The future of DevOps is great and promising. Organizations that employ DevOps experienced faster deployments and business effectiveness. The demand for artificial intelligence-driven applications is rising as data science groups continue to adopt DevOps best processes in their framework management workflows. A DevOps approach has helped data scientists build computerized pipelines to re-select, re-train, and re-deploy production frameworks in a more stable manner.

The Future of DevOps in Various Segments within the IT Industry

DevOps within the Security Segment

There are higher possibilities of automating problems due to the numerous automations in the security segment. This necessitates that all automations be naturally managed, a concept that conveys a huge scale for DevOps philosophy.

Thus, the security of the developed product and in the test environments is essential during the execution of DevOps. This concurs to the governance and policies of DevOps philosophy. DevOps will adapt security practices that maintain the integrity of the application and it conforms to the security codes of an organization.

Automation for each Organization

Most of the organizations globally are going digital where almost everything is done over the internet.

The software of each of the companies plays a crucial role in generating sales and business. This puts mechanization of installing software and supply of infrastructure crucial to all current businesses. This performs a critical role in enhancing efficiency that results in the excellent software.

Container Technology

The container technology is rapidly evolving than in the prior years. Containers offer different advantages when utilized in numerous ways. The future prospects the use of containers for each user or user conferences. There will be a vast range of openings that offer enhanced user protection, complete user analytics, and secured systems. The ongoing improvement in container technology will enhance more cost-effective deployment of containers.

Application of AI and ML to the DevOps Pipelines

Microservices design, cloud-native approach, and DevOps methodology have transformed the life cycle of software development.  AI and MI application assists to run builds and computerization much better. As well, the world is transiting from DevOps to DataOps and AIOps that use artificial intelligence (AI) together with machine learning to check metrics and gain knowledge of logs to coerce DevOps in a controlled manner. Moogsoft and Bigpanda tools have pioneers in the AIOPs market that assemble information from various checking and record schemes through use of AI, offering the engineer with more actionable information and full insights. DevOps is rapidly growing with AI simplifying the work of developers, operators, and DevOps engineers.


Platform as a service (PaaS) has been a more progressive segment that applies numerous concepts of DevOps. Currently people only need the platform where to host their applications unlike the past where an application needed the entire infrastructure to be hosted. Markedly, DevOps contains a number of applications that offer PaaS solutions in terms of ongoing protection, containerization, and configurations control. The future of this technology lies in developers only required to identify a number of markers in their application to deploy it.

Integration at the Edge Between Services

In the recent pastyt, organizations employ Database as a Service (DBaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), PaaS solution. In the era of cloud technology DevOps plays a crucial role in the incorporation of these services that get hosted on various platforms. Additionally, organizations prospect to use configuration control tools alongside container technologies for complete infrastructure provision and control automation.

Seamless Security Integration

Vulnerability within the application layer result in most of the security breaches. Organizations are currently adopting a secure and established software development plan that eliminates all the threats. Organizations plan to have a security plan that allows seamless security incorporation for more secured software codes. Thus, code bugs will be availed within the development phase in the near future guarantee software protection.

Containers will have an Impact on CI/CD

 Container orchestration technologies will shake the world of CI/CD. Configuration management schemes including; Puppet, Ansible, and Chef are likely to be replaced by container orchestration tools such as Helm Charts, Docker, and Kubernetes.

DevOps methodologies are transforming with new tools and incoming technologies. As the industry grows, more DevOps tools will be rolled out. AIOps will be featured with the use of AI for IT operations.

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