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Having DevOps Soft Skills Can Help you stand Out

According to Mayur Rele, DevOps aims to create a unified system, bringing people and departments together and the combination of development and operation goals. To achieve this there is a need for DevOps engineers and the Information Technology teams to collaborate which is where soft skills will be required. 

DevOps Model Explained

The acronym DevOps means development and operation. It combines practices and tools that help organizations to deliver applications and services at a high speed. This kind of combined practice is better than the usage of traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. Organizations that make use of DevOps have been able to serve their customers better due to its speed.

How it works

The development and operation teams will no longer be separated or isolated thanks to the DevOps model. Both the development and operation teams can sometimes join forces to become one team. With this, the engineers can work through the whole application lifecycle and also develop skills that are not restricted to one function. Depending on the DevOps model the integration of quality assurance and security teams can be done with the development and operation and all through the lifecycle of the application. The term DevSecOps is used in a situation whereby everybody on a DevOps team focuses majorly on security. They make use of practices to automate the slow, manual process. 

Soft Skill Definition

Soft skills are traits developed by an individual to help them work professionally with others. Though developing technical skills is very good, it is not enough as it only gets you noticed. But adding soft skills to your technical skills makes you different from others and brings advancement within your team and the company.

For a task to be done on time, cooperation needs to be among team members. For DevOps to be more effective in an organization, team members need to be good listeners, fast learners, ask for help, be creative and innovative, says Mayur Rele.

Listed below are DevOps soft skills needed to achieve success and stand out. 

Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener makes you respect and in a way help you understand other people’s point of view. And this equals having respect for others. It allows you to learn from others, to know and learn from their experience. This makes you more knowledgeable than others. This will be a cutting edge for you. 

When a fellow team member is not understood by others, it slows down tasks. And you might need to be going over the same thing over and over again. So, learn to respect and understand other people’s points of view either that of your team members or supervisors. Listen well before setting out to accomplish or solve a task.

Be Curious

A curious mind gets a solution to a problem. Your curiosity pushes you to ask more questions, do research and sometimes go for more training or learning. This helps you to develop fresh ideas and push them into results. You can cope with changes around you. Try to ask questions from others because every person has different ideas and suggestions about things. 

Clear Communications

For DevOp Organization to succeed, communication is very important. Not just communication but a clear one. Try to create an environment where different people with different experiences and ideas come together to share their knowledge. When this type of environment is created, ideas upon ideas spring forth. And this speeds up a task and brings growth to the company.

Also, ensure there is clear communication because miscommunication within a team can bring about anxiety and misinterpretation. This can slow down team development and project success. So, ensure there is clear communication when speaking to your team members.

Be Eager to Learn And Learn Faster

One of the best ways to show your willingness to learn is through volunteering and taking projects others may not want to do. When you are eager to learn it gives you more opportunities and better projects. You should be ready to learn new things, expand your knowledge and improve yourself which will expose you to having experience in other areas. If there is any process or procedure you are not familiar with within your team and organization you should be able to learn fast. With this, your organization will be able to see your willingness to be better and dedication to work effectively.

Ask For Help When Needed

You should be able to ask for help when there is a need for it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a deliberate effort to solve the problem yourself but if after much effort there is no result you should seek help from your seniors, colleagues or supervisor. Balancing collaboration and self-help is very important for the effective functionality of a team.


For the effective use of DevOps in an organization, there will be a need for team collaboration and communication, says Mayur Rele. As an individual that wants to make progress in an organization and stand out, you need to develop soft skills along with your technical skill.

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